Radio Controlled Yachts

Graupner 2014.CV2 – Micro Magic WP Sailing Boat Racing Carbon

Hull, deck, canopy and keel mast bag are treated in deep-drawn ABS and CNC
In order to attain a particularly high stability, the keel fin and oar are sprayed with fibreglass-reinforced plastic
The keel can be shifted on the longitudinal axis 5 mm at a time

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Graupner 92301 – RTR Soil Sailboat , 2.4 GHz

Finished model (RTR)
Completely finished ready-to-sail micro sailing yacht
2.4 GHz remote control with Frequency Hopping System

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Jamara Jamara040250 27 Mhz Atlantique 2CH RTR Sailing Boat

This yacht can even be sailed in doldrums
The two motors are not only to control the directions but also for propulsion
Cruising , jibes and tacks will succeed even without a sailing patent

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Joysway Binary Catamaran Yacht RTR 2.4GHz – Blue

Easy to rig up! 2.4GHz radio included. Carbon mast. Tough plastic moulded hull.
Hull Material: Moulded plastic. Length: 390mm. Width: 250mm.
Total Height: 710mm. Mast Height: 656mm. Jib Sail Area: 2.6 dm². Main Sail Area: 5.3 dm².

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Joysway Dragon Flite 95 RC Yacht ARTR

Hull material: ABS plastic. Fully painted. 50 Micron Mylar film racing sails with printed flow stripes and logo. Carbon fibre mast and boom tubes. Moulded carbon fibre keel with zinc alloy ballast bulb.
Metal geared rudder servo and fast, powerful sail servo. 4.8v to 6.0v. Battery box and on/off switch for receiver. Installed electronics, running rigging, and pre-installed spar fittings. Plastic display stand .
Length: 950mm. Beam: 125mm. Mast Height: 1050mm. Overall Height: 1470mm.

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Joysway Explorer RC Yacht V3 RTR 2.4GHz

2.4GHz radio included. Tough moulded ABS hull. Carbon fibre booms and mast. Rip-stop nylon sails.
Display stand included. Fast Assembly. Zinc Alloy Ballast. Aluminium Keel.
Required for use: 4 x ‘AA’ Batteries for Transmitter & 4 x ‘AA’ Batteries for Receiver.

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Kyosho Seawind RC Racing Yacht

Factory-assembled RC racing yacht with 2.4 GHz radio
Outstanding on display, or as a refined racing yacht cutting through the waves while you finely trim the sails for maximum speed
An impressive model that stands 6 feet tall, has a length just over 3 feet long, with a nearly 9-inch beam

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RC Boat Regatta Sailing Ship Phoenix Yacht 2.4GHz

Replica a modern high seas-Yachts sailing
With Rudder Servo, Digital Segel threads
Length: 870 mm height: 1830 mm width: 200 mm 7 7/8 “

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RC Boat Regatta Sailing Ship Prince Yacht 2.4GHz

2 channel 2.4 Ghz remote control for interference-free control commands
High detail for both very highest standards and technology
With a wooden is available there’s optical laser engraved deck

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RC Sailboat Phantom-1.89m

RC Sailboat-PhantomWith it’s huge sail bright colours and carbon fibreeffect hull,this is a very striking and fast R/C Yacht.All required items are installed, including mainsail winch, steering servo and all rigging, sail and hardware. All you need to do is … Read More

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RC Wood Yacht Woodines Boat Prince William Kit

RC Wood Yacht Woodines Boat Prince William Kit
Hull Material :Laminted wood, Hull Length:490mm, Hull width:175mm, Hull height:120mm
kit only and suggested equipment as below:

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